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Sunpol Resins & Polymers is very proud of its' safety record. We just recently were re-issued the SHARP Award for excellence in Health & Safety by Cal OSHA.  


Continue to operate in an accident-free environment.
Integrate Sunpol "SAFETY FIRST" safety requirements with all safety and environmental requirements of OSHA, EPA and Bay Area Air Quality Management District.


Senior Management leading continuous safety and environmental improvement through policy, participation, communication, and resource commitments.
Constant and committed measurements, including safety and environmental audits, and immediate corrective action.
Investigation and documentation of any and all near miss incidents.
Community and neighborhood information/lesson sharing, including industry, government, and regulatory agencies.
Using city planning and government to determine Community impact of expansion and modification
Use of prestart-up safety reviews for new/modified facilities/processes
Documented maintenance/inspection programs to ensure facility integrity.
Parallel programs that guarantee contractor/suppliers are included/trained in all Sunpol "SAFETY FIRST" programs.
Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Annual programs/reviews to fully ensure that all associates in safety-critical jobs are trained
and fit for duty.